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Football Camp

Summer  |  Since 2016

Each summer, campers learn not only how to be a better player – but a better person. Through a combination of football drills, community service, and in-depth discussion, BTB teaches young people to achieve their dreams – whether on, or off the field.


December to Remember

Winter  |  Since 2018

Each holiday season, BTB surprises underserved, but highly deserving children, young adults, and families throughout the country with an all expenses paid shopping spree. To date, we've served 2000+ people with over $400,000 in holiday gifts.


Growth Through Golf

Spring  |  2019

Beyond the Basics treats underserved youth to an afternoon of brunch and golf with their favorite NFL players – using the sport to introduce and affirm positive character traits, while propelling them towards a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.


Thanksgiving Giveaway

Since 2017

Every year, BTB finds ways to feed deserving families during the holidays. From volunteering at local homeless shelters, to surprising grocery shoppers with thousands of dollars in shopping sprees – we're always ensuring that families have something to feel thankful for.

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My Cause, My Cleats

Since 2018

Each year, the NFL allows players to highlight an important cause. Our Co-founder, Brandon Copeland, uses his platform to highlight BTB's efforts to empower young individuals to reach their full potential – breaking down mental barriers and showcasing our work on the national stage.

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COVID-19 Food Initiative


As the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, Beyond the Basics delivered groceries to the doorsteps of families in need, fueled frontline workers by delivering meals to entire hospital wings, and gave away over $50,000 to shoppers in stores across New England.

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